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Aayla Secura [userpic]

Aayla's VoiceMail Holocron

October 18th, 2010 (12:26 pm)

Aayla seems::: good

Holocron Aayla


A holocron starts, as a blue and slightly grainy image of Aayla appears. The image bows and looks straight ahead.
"Greetings, you've reached Aayla's messaging holocron. As I am not here to receive your company, please leave a message and I will return shortly.
May The Force be with you."
The image cuts out and a beam of light shines upon you, with a red blinking dot on
the holocron device signaling that it's recording your image.

[ooc: Comments screened 'cause it's not nice to watch listen to someone else's holocron voicemail ^-^]


Aayla Secura [userpic]

Leaving the Game :(

December 15th, 2005 (10:51 am)

Aayla seems::: sad

A small device similar to the one that Aayla had near her door arrives at the hotel. The controls seem easy enough to manage. If one pushes a slightly large button, a fuzzy blue holocron of Aayla appears. She bows.
"Misters Crowley and Valmont, I regret to inform you that I have been called away on extremely urgent Jedi matters. The circumstances were dire and I was unable to properly excuse myself from my duties at the hotel. I hope you will forgive me for this.
I am unsure when, or if, I will be able to return to Earth, being that many alarming events are beginning to occur in my own galaxy.
Please accept my appologies for my sudden and unannounced departure. I wish you both the best, and please give my regards to Mr. Aziraphale.
May The Force be with you."

The image cuts out.

[ooc: School has been taking a heavy toll on me at the moment. Compounded with loss of internet access over break and my inability to overcome the Jedi indiference to hollidays and other social events, I am going to have to leave Aayla to her missions during the Clone Wars. It's been a wonderful experience RPing with everyone. ^-^ Happy Hollidays!]

Aayla Secura [userpic]

OOC || Death to Finals!

December 6th, 2005 (09:56 pm)

Aayla seems::: stressed
Mun's listening to::: Jack Johnson - Good People

Mun's so boggled down with papers and finals that her interactions are going to be extremely slim for the rest of the week. I doubt that the weekend would provide relief, but they may. FH will be quite the happening procrastination station, though! I'd expect nearly all interaction to be somewhat slow until I can't stand the guilt anymore and end up disappearing for a bit.
Aayla's still making incessant rounds at the hotel (the only thing I can have her do on a regular basis), but she's going to be dangerously close to an NPC for the next few days.
*goes off to do work in the emo closet* :(

Aayla Secura [userpic]

Personal || Guard on her Guard

November 29th, 2005 (01:30 am)

Aayla seems::: working

An almost nightly ritual, Aayla returns to the hotel from chatting with Aziraphale and Crowley. It seems that Aziraphale's shop is one of the only places where she feels comfortable. She's been around a few other places in town, but always seemed to primarily stop by the Rare Books Shop.
She's glad that Aziraphale is feeling better, and that he was actually honest about his nature to her. Even Crowley had been open with her, or at least less cryptic and standoffishly smug.
A new sheriff was in town, and it had Crowley nervous. "...he's like me, and I know I set you on edge, so just...be on your guard, all right? I need you for balance when my angel isn't around." This constant pursuit of balance still somewhat confuses her, but the Council had requested that she comply with the request and not to act against Crowley unless he did something drastically harmful. Nevertheless, she was wary and watchful.
Her boots click on the stone floor of the lobby, and she makes a slight detour towards the new sherrif's room. Stopping near his door, Aayla closes her eyes and reaches out with her mind to see what she can pick up. Sure enough, there was a slightly dark presence coming from the room. However, most humans do not have pure auras, and some even dip to the Dark Side. She decides to keep a closer eye on this person's activities in the hotel. He held a position of power, which would make it easier to spread his influence.
Before she is noticed, she continues walking towards her own room, where she picks up her datapad and writes about the past day's events before meditating for an hour or so, then sleeping.

Aayla Secura [userpic]

Open || Council's Request (also Thanksgiving availability)

November 21st, 2005 (05:15 pm)

Aayla seems::: complacent

Aayla wakes up from the few hours of sleep she's accustomed to. She stretches and performs a few exercises before noticing a blinking red light on her holocron recorder. She presses one of the buttons and an blue grainy image of Mace Windu appears. It bows.

"Greetings, Aayla. I trust you have been performing your duties on Earth well. Your reports have been detailed and informative. Therefore, the Council requests you meet with us on Coruscant for a further update of your mission. A transport will be arriving at the same location where you arrived in 43 Earth hours. You may plan to return shortly after. May The Force be with you." The image bows and flickers out.

Aayla sighs. She'll have to inform Mr. Valmont and Mr. Crowley about her required absence. They'd most likely understand, however, this being an Earth holiday as well. The Council was indeed wise in requesting her when other townsfolk and students would be absent as well.
Putting on her suit and headdress, she gets ready for work. She fastens her lightsaber to her belt under her jacket and starts her morning rounds.

Aayla Secura [userpic]

OOC || Availability for 11/18-11/20

November 18th, 2005 (01:29 am)

Aayla seems::: excited
Mun's listening to::: Tori Amos - Spark

[ooc: Aayla mun will be out of town this weekend again (edit: and again). Anyone working at the hotel can push the "Security" button should any trouble occur, and then puppet Aayla if necessary. Keep in mind that she is a Jedi and will therefore act like one.
If something does happen while I'm gone, please comment with the link.
Have a good weekend,

Aayla Secura [userpic]

Personal || Quasi-Jedi

November 6th, 2005 (09:14 pm)

Aayla seems::: contemplative

Aayla returns to her hotel room after another talk with Aziraphale. She's very glad that she can gain some mental stimulation from talking with him, having been worried that she would not find it to this degree on Earth.
She makes her rounds of the hotel once more, the monontany of such a task begining to take a toll on her. She's glad that there is no real trouble at the hotel, but feels she'd like to do more challenging tasks.
Putting this aside, Aayla reaches her room to retire for the night. Her mind goes over the conversation with Phale and also one with Maia the day before. This girl seemed very special, almost like a Jedi in many ways. She makes a few notes in her datapad about her, especially the alarming fact that she has gained something similar to Force abilities though an unnatural source. Sending this report to the Council, she begins to stretch and do some low-impact forms (similar to tai-chi) before heading to bed.

Aayla Secura [userpic]

Open || New management

November 2nd, 2005 (12:27 am)

Aayla seems::: pleased

After her chat with Crowley, Aayla makes her way to her room. Seeing there's a message on her machine, she plays it while looking through one of her drawers.
"Ms. Secura? This is Sebastian Valmont, the new owner of the hotel. I've been reviewing some of the documents Frank Donovan left me, and they mentioned the issue of your weapon."
She looks over to the machine for a few moments before continuing to look through the drawer.
"I'm just calling to let you know that he and I are not of the same mind in this. If this is the weapon you are most proficient with, I welcome you to carry it on the hotel grounds during your shifts..."
Hearing this, Aayla smiles and pulls out what she'd been looking for.
Clipping her lightsaber to her belt, she leaves the room and goes back to making rounds.

Aayla Secura [userpic]

Open || Of Jedi and Composers

October 27th, 2005 (10:16 pm)
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Aayla seems::: pleased

Aayla weaves her way through the crowded town meeting, every so often checking back to make sure Ludwig was following. She through the door outside, the chilly fall air blowing softly. Reaching the park, she sits at a close bench and pulls out her datapad. It looks like a thin grey rectangle, no larger than a small book with a black screen. Touching the screen a few times, she hands it to Ludwig. It has written:

When I speak, this device will write what I'm saying as I say it. |

Aayla Secura [userpic]

Personal || Familar Face

October 27th, 2005 (02:13 am)
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Aayla seems::: pleased

A fairly unusual expression is across Aayla's face as she reaches the hotel. She is smiling smugly, instead of her usual expression of calculating observation.
Unlocking the door to her room, she places a nearly empty cup of chai tea on the coffee table and sits in the overly large chair next to it. Seeing Anakin again brought up quite a few nostalgic memories of being padawans together. He was trained under the great Master Kenobi, and always seemed to be treated differenty. His being at Fandom High was only another example to add to the many. She remembers him training with her, being younger than others at their level, dispite being admitted to the Order much older. Rules seemed to bend around the boy like weak minds. She wouldn't be surprised if he got around facing the trials for some reason or another.
Still, he was always fun to talk to, if one was not in a righteous or especially strict state of mind. And he had a place where she could use her lightsaber! This gave her more reason to make sure the necklace Red made could allow the removal of her crystal. She knew that she would likely be bested by Anakin in sparring more often than not, but a challenge was far more valuable to her than victory.
She took out the paper he gave her, quietly laughing at his joke on how this culture still writes on wood. It was good to have someone around who understood how it was adjusting to the minor (and major) differences between their own native civilization and this new one. Picking up a datapad she brought with her, she copies the information on the scrap of paper into it.
Letting fatigue slip in slowly, she stretches her arms above her head. Untying her headdress, she sets it on the dresser, her shirt and pants following shortly after. Now dressed in what looks like a tan sports bra and boyshorts, she turns down the blanket and slides under it. A meditative sleep flows over her till the next morning.

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